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We are the Council of Canadian Bassoonists, an organization of professional bassoonists, teachers and students devoted to promoting the bassoon and in particular, helping students in remote parts of Canada to receive the support they need. And by remote, we mean locations that don’t have easy access to bassoon teachers and instruments (just about everywhere).

Through education and performances, both live and on CD, we give prospective bassoon players and listeners an opportunity to hear our noble instrument and become enchanted by it, just as we were—and are!

We also sponsor concerts and recordings involving bassoonists in solo and ensemble settings. Often these focus on presenting the bassoon in new and unusual ways, featuring the finest in Canadian bassoon playing as well as outstanding foreign artists.

On the education front, we will put students in touch with teachers, and support them and sponsor live events that bring students and professionals together. We will eventually provide school music teachers with performance and educational DVD’s, teaching materials and reeds in case they can’t get to a specialized bassoon teacher right away. We’re also creating scholarships for school performances to expose students to the possibilities ahead. Future goals include an international bassoon competition that will bring players from around the world.

As a registered not-for-profit organization, we can supply tax receipts for all donations of equipment, including bassoons, reeds, and music, as well as funds for scholarships and instrument maintenance.

We know that a world of possibility exists within the voice of the complex and rare bassoon; we are willing to go the extra mile to support both the instrument and the students. Please join us!


Through mentorship we aim to create a network of bassoonists that bridges the gap between generations and skill levels. It is a guiding goal of COCB to establish a network of established and approved professionals who will support young players who do not have access to a teacher.

Current Mentors

Principal Bassoon group of twenty-seven – Toronto
Principal Bassoon Vancouver Symphony
Internationally- based grad student
Principal Bassoon New Brunswick Symphony


The Council of Canadian Bassoonists has elected a stellar new Board with new members from BC to Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes plus international members!

Secretary, Head of St John Bassoon Studio, Sistema New Brunswick
Principal Bassoon, Symphony New Brunswick
Composer, Conductor, Bassoonist and Associate Dean of Faculty of Music, Université de Montréal
Licensing Manager, Spotify, Bassoonist (international board member,New York City)
President & Acting Treasurer, Bassoonist (Dunchurch, Ontario)
Retired teacher, ongoing bassoon teacher, Bassoonist (Hamilton)
Senior Systems Manager, Rogers (Orangeville)
Retired Head of Music Staff, Chicago Lyric Opera, Pianist, Conductor & Bassoonist (Dwight, Ontario)
Principal Bassoon, National Arts Centre Orchestra (Ottawa)
Education and Outreach Coördinator, Minnesota Orchestra, Bassoonist (international board member, Minnesota)
Former Director and Professor Emeritus of University of British Columbia, Bassoonist, Photographer, based in BC and France
Bassoonist, founder of Virtuosi Productions, co-founder of Brooke Valley Bassoon Days (Ottawa)

Support Us

Make a Donation

The COCB is a registered not-for-profit organization and can provide tax receipts within Canada for monetary donations or for instrument donations. Equipment donations are welcomed, including sheet music, reeds, reed tools and cane. Bocals, good quality bassoons and new cases are also very welcome. Monetary donations are put towards bassoon maintenance and repair, scholarships, and lessons for young musicians who otherwise cannot afford them.


We welcome applications from professionals who wish to be part of our network of volunteers. And we also need volunteers at various events. Please contact us for more information at nadina@councilofcanadianbassoonists.ca

Instrument Bank

We are working to develop an inventory of good student bassoons to lend to young players who could not otherwise afford them.

To date, we have supplied two bassoons to very young players and we are looking for further donations of bassoons to continue this service.

Nico Richard, recipient of reed-making materials

“The Council of Canadian Bassoonists has given me the confidence and the motivation required to live a life full of music. Without its generous support, it would have been impossible for me to have grown so much as a musician, as well as have the tools necessary to be completely immersed in the beautiful world that is bassoon playing.”

– Nico Richard

Gabby Cormier with her teacher, Pat Bolduc (principal bassoon of the New Brunswick Symphony)

“The Council of Canadian Bassoonists’ generosity has allowed Gabby to continue playing; she has grown so much in a year. Gabby has been able to take lessons, play in a trio, participate in the music festival, go to music camp and to have fun. She is a very lucky young lady.”

– Janet Cormier (Gabby’s mom)


Bassoonapalooza is our one-day, annual event held at the University of Toronto that brings together professional and amateur bassoonists through seminars and performances.

Our focus is education, performance and new music for the bassoon.

Bassoonapalooza’s mission is to provide learning experiences for all levels of bassoonists, and to create a mentoring network of players bridging the gap between beginners and professionals.

Pre-register on Eventbrite. And visit our FACEBOOK page for more information.

View our 2015 Program




The Council of Canadian Bassoonists has elected a stellar new Board with new members from BC to Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes plus international members!

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  • If you are a bassoon student who would like free materials, and to be put in touch with a teacher.
  • If you wish to donate money, reeds or a bassoon to the COCB.
  • If you are a corporation that would like to sponsor a Bassoon Day or special concert by major artists.
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